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"In the wake of tragedy, when the flames of my dreams were extinguished, I found myself adrift in a sea of frightening uncertainty. Yet, amidst the ashes, I discovered Ann Adam, a beacon of hope in the world of shamanism—a realm I had long been fascinated by through Native American culture. Little did I know, the next eight months would sculpt me into a person I scarcely recognized—strong, powerful, beautiful, and wise. Ann possessed an uncanny ability to unearth talents and strengths within me that I never knew existed. With her guidance, I embarked on a profound journey of self-discovery and healing. As I reflect on my transformative experience, I still feel the goosebumps of awe and gratitude. I emerged from Ann's tutelage not merely as a graduate, but as a fortified soul, having conquered my deepest fears, battled inner demons, and made peace with both past and present. Now, armed with newfound wisdom and inner strength, I walk away from Ann's tutelage with a sense of peace and purpose. I am empowered to shed that which no longer serves me and embrace a path of authenticity and fulfillment. To anyone seeking profound transformation and spiritual growth, I cannot recommend Ann Adam's shamanic journey enough. She is not just a mentor, but a catalyst for profound change—a beacon illuminating the path to self-discovery and empowerment."

Image by Marc-Olivier Jodoin

- Beata H. 

Image by Elisa Stone

"Over the course of the 9-month program, I never ceased to be amazed at the abilities/skills that Ann was able to draw out of us in the classroom, with each weekend class being more phenomenal and mind-blowing than the one before. Being able to take what Ann taught me about Shamanism to help others in some way brings me such pleasure and satisfaction. Ann epitomizes what it means to be Shaman and learning that truth from her has been an honor and an experience that will never be forgotten. She has changed my life for sure. Thank you, Ann!"

- Randy L.

"There's so much to say...but mostly I am grateful for Ann's transformational classes and her integrity as a teacher. I was at a crossroads when I found this shamanic apprenticeship program and a bit cautious because of past experiences, but I signed up and showed up and worked through it even when I didn't feel adequate enough. Ann's classes are perfectly designed to move you from your head to your heart, where the Truth lives. They are a beautiful mix of Spirit and science, experiential and connective. If you are ready for a deep dive...ready to release, connect, heal and grow, then I highly recommend her program because you will be walking around in a new skin."

Image by Becca

- Sylvia A.

Image by Zdeněk Macháček

"We began as strangers seeking to learn the way of the Shaman apprentices of Shaman Ann. We journeyed together in the present to the past and future. We shared laughter and tears on our journey. We cleansed spaces, entered new dimensions. Power animals, ancestors, Spirit became our companions. We began as strangers learning to take intention into our heart. To find that which was lost, heal what was broken, remove that which limits, and help those who were stuck complete their journey to the light. As we journeyed, we developed the Heart of a Shaman. Our hearts opening to the possibilities that Spirit has for us, opening our hearts to each other. Now we are no longer strangers, but Shamans who are bound together by our hearts. The work of the Shaman is the work of the heart. We began as strangers but finish this journey bound to each other by our Shaman’s Heart."

- Darla B.

"Stories are told of those who held ancient wisdom, of those connected to spirits rhythm, of those descended from kingdoms of old, those who souls seem to be made of pure gold. I look to you with such awe, baffled that you took me in so broken and raw. You heard my stories of endless pain, you saw the weather of my soul and how it rained.  You saw me for me and not the masks of all that I pretended to be. I am forever grateful to be blessed by your presence, blessed by your teachings. To be guided by your essence, to be elevated into my higher being. You are so loved you are held in such high regard, because of you my soul is no longer scarred."

Image by Alfred Kenneally

- Jordon A.

Image by Blake Meyer

"Ann is a great Shaman and teacher! She is able to connect with her Spirit guides to bring about healing and guidance for those in need. She is able to facilitate healing on the physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional levels. I've completed her 9-month Shaman apprenticeship class and learned how to effectively communicate with my guides for self-healing and guidance. I would highly recommend Ann if you are in need of healing or would like to learn Shamanism." 

- Natalie D.

"Words cannot express the gratitude I have towards Ann. She is a beautiful human being and a gifted shaman. Her energy permeates throughout every healing session, class, and retreat I have attended. The amount of space she holds for each person going through intense healing work is a testament to the strength she has as well as the profound, uninterrupted connection she has with Spirit. Every time I see Ann, I am inspired to walk in Love and continue to align with my soul's purpose as Ann has so beautifully demonstrated through her work."

Image by Seth Fink

- Jaime B. 

Image by Hans-Jurgen Mager

"Taking this class has changed my life for the better. It has brought me to a path I never imagined I would be on. There was no hesitance in moving forward with her and now I am taking level 2 of Ann Adam's class and I hope to take her level 3 class as well. Take a moment and ask the Spirits that guide you if this class has been brought to you at this time for a reason. The answer could be yes."

- Tina

"An experience with Ann is life-changing, whether it is a class, retreat or private session. I have been fortunate to participate in all 3 and each experience was one of deep healing, empowerment and transformation. Ann is a powerful teacher and shaman and she has created a unique program for aspiring shamanic practitioners that is based on multiple traditions. After completing the shamanic training, I've found a deeper connection with Spirit, my ancestors and most importantly, the way I move through life has changed fundamentally. I am so thankful to have met Ann and learn from her!"


- Bunmi O.


"I had the privilege of working closely with Ann for over a year as my Shaman, during which time I attended her apprenticeship program for nine months. The healing journey under her guidance was nothing short of transformative. With her profound wisdom, compassionate presence, and deep understanding of ancestral trauma, Ann facilitated a profound clearing of suppressed wounds that had lingered within my lineage for generations. Through her gentle yet powerful methods, Ann helped me navigate through layers of ancestral trauma, paving the way for my own healing journey as an Ancestral Shaman. Her insights, rituals, and teachings not only provided relief and liberation but also empowered me to embrace my ancestral lineage with reverence and gratitude. Ann's dedication to her craft and her unwavering commitment to the well-being of her clients are truly commendable. I am immensely grateful for her guidance, support, and the profound impact she has had on my life and spiritual journey. Working with her has been a blessing beyond measure, and I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone seeking profound healing and transformation."

- Peta B.

Sudeep Rauser

I have been on a path of healing for a long time (2 years).  I have attended a number of ayahuasca ceremonies, some in the Shipibo tradition in the Amazon and some here in the States so I have seen and been helped by various Shamans form different countries.  Let me tell you about Ann.  She does not use medicine, nor does she need to.  The quality of the healing that I have experience from attending two of her retreats has been some of the most beneficial I have experienced.  I think it’s her heart-centered intention that makes her most powerful as a Shaman.  The cord cutting ceremonies is one of my favorites because I can truly feel the difference after the integration period has subsided.  The chakra balancing gong meditations will take you to other dimensions that you won’t want to come back from any time soon.  I absolutely love that gong!  I am so grateful that I have crossed Ann’s path and I would recommend her to anyone in a heartbeat.

Petra Baker

I've been taking the Shaman course for 9 months with Ann and am beginning part 2. The amount of healing I've gained in such a short time is amazing. Ann is truly a gifted shaman and I am so grateful that I've been able to learn from her. I've also attended 2 of her retreats and it's been one of the most healing experiences I've had. I've learned to honor my self and my heart. Her Gong meditation is one of my favorites! I truly recommend Ann for anyone looking for healing or for just beginning their own path to Self.

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